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Kentucky Point Series is a ten race series representing Kentucky mountain bike athletes. A rider's best 6 finishes out of 10 KY Point Series races will be used to calculate a series point total. Points are based on overall place within the category. 1st place receives 200 points, 2nd place receives 199, etc. A rider must race at least four races to be eligible for series awards. Any tiebreakers will be decided at the season finale at Laurel Lake. Skill levels are broken down into three categories. Cat 3 is for riders new to the sport who want to enjoy the thrills of mountain bike racing but have not developed the stamina to race for an extended amount of time. Cat 2 is for more seasoned riders who want to push themselves to the next level with longer distances. Cat 1 & Cat 2 Open is for the experienced rider who wants to push their limits against the regions fastest riders. Riders who have consistently won races in their division are strongly encouraged to move up to the next category. With Fatbike/Clydesdale/Junior racing/etc. you are sure to find a division you can compete in.
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